Platelet Rich Plasma to Cure Thinning Hair

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Thinning hair or baldness is a nightmare that one would not want to happen. But once you experience this problem, it is important that you find an effective solution to immediately address the problem. Among the different hair loss treatments preferred by patients is PRP or platelet rich plasma. This treatment option is widely touted not just by patients but as well as experts.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Many know that platelet rich plasma can be a viable option for hair loss although it is more commonly used in other areas. But only few really know how it works and how it is done. Platelet rich plasma is proven to be highly effective in aiding the body to heal faster. Since it contains many growth factors for formation of collagen, hair follicle growth and for tissue repair, platelet rich plasma is without a doubt a good alternative for hair loss especially those who do not want to undergo any surgery.

The PRP Procedure

The procedure would take about 80 minutes depending on the patient’s condition. It is done by taking blood from the patient. But since the blood is composed of platelets, white and red blood cells, there is still a need to use a centrifuge to separate the different components and to derive the platelet rich plasma. According to experts, the PRP accelerates the healing mechanism of the body. That is why it is proven to be highly effective in repairing damaged tissues and in wound healing.

Platelet Rich Plasma to Cure Hair Loss

PRP is a viable option to treat hair loss. But what is nice about this treatment is that it can be used in conjunction with a hair transplant making it a more effective and a long term solution for hair loss. Platelet rich plasma is not just effective in aiding the body to repair tissues and heal wounds faster; it can also promote new hair follicle growth. After a hair transplant procedure, the PRP works by aiding the body to heal faster.

Is It Really Safe and Effective?

In terms of safety, patients can be assured that platelet rich plasma treatment is a safe procedure. For one, the blood comes directly from you. It is just a matter of ensuring that you get the treatment from a certified medical professional with good facilities. When it comes to effectiveness, it varies depending on the patient. Usually, you can see the results after a few months.